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The Healthy Bottom Line


Once you’ve decided to empower your team to be more harmonious, healthy and productive, we’ll get right down to business with the following itinerary, or customize one tailored to your unique goals.

Our first step is to invite and gather anonymous Employee Experience Data via a brief online questionnaire. The objective is to determine how productive, stressed, and healthy your employees are before the program begins. We’ll also gather objective data regarding company productivity, absenteeism, health claims and related cost issues from the prior two years.

Soon thereafter, we’ll present “Laugh, Breathe and Think On Purpose”.  This on-site training program begins with a brief introduction to the latest understandings of the brain, expressed in laymen’s terms. Since seeing is believing, the PowerPoint presentation features colorful pictures of brain scans (like those above) used in leading-edge psychiatric clinics and neurological research.

Optional: Each employee is given a Brain System Checklist to complete as a self-assessment tool. This questionnaire takes about 10-minutes, and is retained by the employee to maintain privacy. We then guide them in tallying their results. (Note: The Brain System Checklist can instead be offered as an option for interested employees, if so desired by management.)

The next segment empowers participants to determine what it might take to optimize their own brain function. As they learn about the potential of their own “in-house supercomputer” and the user-friendly “update tools” available, participants become more and more motivated to take action.

Then we’ll train your employees to use our simple yet effective Universal Self-CareTM methods for enhancing brain function and overall health. These include:

  1. Bullet   OxyGenesis BreathingTM  skills can be used anywhere, anytime, on or off the job, to fuel the brain, reduce stress, and relax the nervous system.

  2. Bullet   Laughter Yoga is the global phenomenon that capitalizes on the well-established scientific fact that “Laughter is the best medicine”.   No poses or mats are required, and it’s a lot of fun!

  3. Bullet   Emotional Freedom Techniques (aka EFT) is a fast and easy way to free the mind from the tyranny of emotional over-reactions, which can rob the brain and body of oxygen and lead to chronic stress. EFT can also be used to eliminate physical pain and addictions.

Reinforcement & Support

In addition to the above methods, which can easily and effectively be taught in a seminar, we will touch upon other approaches that are best learned in in-depth workshops or experienced in private sessions. These options are available outside of the corporate setting. Employees who want to go further will receive discounts up to 40% for private sessions or workshops

We’ll offer immediate access to a limited number of book and CD titles, which will allow participants to deepen and reinforce their new skills.

Our follow-up program sends fun and gentle email reminders to employees, encouraging them to practice their new skills on a regular basis throughout the day.

Finally, we follow-up and track results via emailed surveys to each participant, who is rewarded for timely completion of each survey.

Additional training segments are available, and will be offered based on the specific needs of the company and feedback from employees.

brain scan images

The images to the far left are actual images of brain functionality derived from SPECT scan technology. Dr. Daniel Amen is a true pioneer in this leading-edge area of clinical psychiatry. We respect his work and appreciate his user-friendly materials, which provided inspiration and a basis for the Healthy Bottom Line program.

H.R. Experts say...

Research funded by the CDC, conducted by Dr. Ron Goetzel of Cornell University concluded that it doesn’t take much improvement to make workplace wellness initiatives pay off. A 1% reduction in risk factors can yield a return of $3 for every $1 spent … a 300% ROI.”

Goetzel created an ROI calculator that allowed him to figure out the minimum improvement required to break even on an  investment, as well as the projected ROI that a specific set of improvement assumptions would yield. Looking at specific companies, he found that Dow Chemical would need a 0.17% improvement to break even. A 1% improvement would yield a return of $3 for every $1 spent … a 300% ROI. At Dow, that means huge dollars. The company has 26,000 employees, so a 1% improvement saves $50 million over 5 years.

Other companies had different break-evens. Union Pacific’s was about .49%; Motorola’s was .67%.

Doctors say...

"Coronary heart disease is due to a lack of oxygen received by the heart."

~ Dr. Dean Ornish

"Starved of oxygen, the body will become ill, and if this persists it will die, I doubt if there is an argument about that."

~ Dr. John Muntz, Nutritional Scientist

clients say...

I was really struggling with severe neck pain today, and took 10 minutes to do some belly breathing. Wow, what a difference it made!

~ Susan Salvo,

Hartford, CT


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