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It's no wives' tale… laughter is the best medicine. Research consistently shows that laughter has both preventive and therapeutic value. Regular robust laughter helps boost the immune system, which is the master key for maintaining good health. Laughter also helps to remove the negative effects of stress, which is the number one killer today.

Laughter is aerobic exercise that helps us stay healthy by enriching the blood with ample supplies of oxygen.

"One minute of laughter is the aerobic equivalent of 10-minutes on the rowing machine."

~ Dr. William Fry at Stanford University

Imagine how healthy your employees would be if they simply loved aerobic exercise!  Everyone loves to laugh, and laughter is aerobic exercise that can be done in an office setting. Doesn’t it make sense to seriously consider laughing all the way to the bank?

Laughter Yoga is profoundly beneficial and fun

A growing international phenomenon, Laughter Yoga combines a delightful blend of playful, empowering and tension-releasing activities that help us choose to laugh.

Unlike typical yoga, there is no getting on the floor with mats nor wearing special clothing. It’s just about laughing for the health of it. The word "Yoga" simply reflects the greater sense of unity that participants feel, as well as the fact that breathing becomes much more deep and full.

Laughter Yoga clubs have been featured on TV shows like Oprah, Dancing with the Stars, Good Morning America; in the news on channels like BBC, CNN, ABC (USA), NHK (Japan), Channel 7 & 9 (Australia), ZDF Germany; in newspapers and magazines like National Geographic, New York Times, London Times, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal; The Hartford Courant and many others.

Benefits you can expect from Laughter Yoga:

  1. BulletAerobic Exercise that's easy and downright fun

  2. BulletImproves lung capacity and oxygen levels in the blood

  3. BulletReduces levels of stress hormones (such as Cortisol). This reduction can control high blood pressure, reduce belly fat, and increase energy and productivity.

  4. BulletNourishes facial skin by increasing blood supply and tones facial muscles

  5. BulletStrengthens the Immune System

  6. BulletIncreases natural killer (NK) cells and antibodies.

  7. BulletIncreases release of endorphins - the body's natural pain killer.

  8. BulletReleases “happy chemicals”, reducing depression and helping with weight loss by reducing the craving for chocolate and other comfort foods

  9. BulletStimulates digestion and waste removal

  10. BulletEnhances abdominal breathing, which stimulates the abdominal organs, including intestines, liver, kidneys, colon and bladder.

With a basic understanding of how the brain is affected by all the above, it is clear that Laughter enhances brain power too.

Balance the “Fun-Deficit” for a Healthy Bottom Line