OxyGenesis Institute presents...

The Healthy Bottom Line


The ability of your employees to feel good and function at their best is critical to your company’s bottom line. Yet few are equipped with the quality of tools and skills needed to overcome the mounting stresses of modern life.

We can change that, and fast.

Our latest leading-edge program, The Healthy Bottom Line, helps corporations become more productive and competitive by helping employees enhance brain power, reduce stress and improve overall health & well-being. 

Inspired by Dr. Daniel Amen’s pioneering clinical research, which blends psychiatry, neurology, and holistic modalities, we incorporated user-friendly brain science into Universal Self-CareTM training programs that are effective, fun and engaging.

Our uniquely-motivating tools, skills and resources help them understand, balance and optimize both brain and body in a way that improves productivity, morale and office harmony.  Using little-known, easily learned methods, your employees will be able to reduce stress and get energized - throughout the day - as needed.

It’s no secret that more than 70% of illnesses are connected to stress. These include high blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety, depression, coughs and colds, peptic ulcers, insomnia, allergies, asthma, menstrual difficulties, tension headaches, stomach upsets and even cancer.

Since stress is the number one cause of disease, our innovative workplace wellness program naturally reduces healthcare claims and absenteeism. Employees experience immediate benefits. Accelerated learning techniques insure retention. Innovative follow-up programs reinforce the integration of newly acquired skills into healthy long-term habits.

Soon, your company is transformed into the high-performance team you’ve always wanted. Six months later, income data lets you know you’ve got a healthier bottom line.

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Lois Grasso (above) is  Program Director and primary trainer for the Healthy Bottom Line program. Her unique blend of innate talent and professionally- acquired skill insures a lively and engaging learning experience.

What others say:

“What fun! You really got our stressed-out staff relaxed and laughing. I’m doing fine, because you helped me find the power/energy of breath and laughter.”

~ Zelphia Hunter  CT Behavioral Health Partnership

"What a wonderful job done. Every one of the participants enjoyed the trip. They had the best, now there is no looking back. I admire your work and wish in the near future to take more courses.

~ Eric Lee, South Cove Community Health Center

Boston, MA

You are one of those teachers that comes into a person’s life and changes them  in a way they didn’t know they could change. I can’t thank you enough!

~ Lindsay S.

Healthy Minds + Bodies = Healthy Bottom Line