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The Healthy Bottom Line


Much like the Windows or MAC operating system running in the "background" on your computer, elaborate programs are running in your subconscious mind. Ever try running the latest software on an outdated version of Windows? Crash, frustration, failure… We all know about the importance of updating our computers.

But most people aren't even aware of their own "personal operating system," which have been developing since birth. So, even as capable adults, we remain restricted by the limited capabilities of old belief structures designed by, and for, a very young child!

Maybe you are aware of the subconscious "drivers" that control your thoughts, words and behaviors. But how can you update them to support your current goals - particularly regarding productivity and communication?

Learn how to overcome self-sabotage and supercharge your self-awareness using EFT, perhaps the most powerful skill available for updating the subconscious and reducing pain. As a terrific side-benefit, watch your energy levels, self-esteem, and emotional clarity skyrocket as you learn to use these Emotional Freedom Techniques.

"Without question, EFT has been the most valuable tool I've ever learned in clinical medicine. If I could only keep one tool, it would have to be EFT".

~ Joseph Mercola, MD

EFT is an "Emotional Freedom Technique" fast becoming a widely-respected technology for discovering and updating the outdated survival programs running in the "personal operating system". It is based on principles of Acupuncture, but requires no needles and can be done anytime, anywhere, for fast relief of virtually any kind of discomfort.

When current thoughts or events trigger historical negative thought patterns, you might say that a "short-circuit" occurs in the energy flow. This leads to physical and/or emotional discomfort, such as pain, anxiety, stress, illness, panic, phobia, cravings, insomnia, obsessions, depression, headaches, poor performance, etc. EFT overrides the "short circuit" and eliminates the disruption in the flow of energy through your entire system.

EFT involves gently tapping to stimulate key acupressure points, while focusing on visual and verbal cues, to rebalance energy flow and re-pattern neural pathways in the brain. This simple approach can also quickly establish a level of self-acceptance necessary to move forward to the next level of self-awareness.

Emotional Freedom is Right At Your Fingertips