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Our founder, Lois Grasso (above), has been enthusiastically engaged in numerous aspects of the heath and human development arena since 1981, when she first experienced the astounding benefits of conscious breathing.

A salesperson at the time, she immediately noticed an improvement in her ability to relax and communicate effectively. Her confidence soared. Her sales skyrocketed. She was hooked.

Over the next 20 years, Lois’ confidence and self-awareness continued to grow, due to an intense commitment to exploring a wide variety of holistic health and self-development techniques. During this time, she also acquired a great deal of experience in marketing, advertising, communications, publishing, business management and ownership.

Lois even dabbled in politics. She was a candidate on the ballot for US Senate in 1998 and managed the campaign for fellow candidates on the strategic “Term Limits” party ticket. She also managed a variety of official referendum and candidate petition-drive campaigns in Utah, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Years of experience as an employee, manager, political organizer, entrepreneur and mother have contributed to Lois’ unique in-depth understanding of the various roles and perspectives that contribute to a successful company.

In 1999, Lois completed a two-year facilitator certification program in Transformational Breathwork, while editing and publishing the book, Breathe Deep, Laugh Loudly authored by TBF founder, Judith Kravitz.

During this process, Lois realized that her highest and best contribution to society would be to help people understand how Breathing can be used to improve health, manage thoughts and emotions, enhance communication skills and engage more fully in career and life goals. She has received additional training from five different schools of thought regarding breathwork and breathing development.

In 2001, Lois founded the non-profit OxyGenesis Institute in Hartford, CT, and has been working successfully counseling/coaching clients to master what she calls Universal Self-Care™ skills. These include Conscious Breathing, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Laughter Yoga and various Thought Management techniques.

Lois experiences great success and satisfaction supporting individuals and groups who want to eliminate stress, build inner strength and create meaningful, productive lives at home and in the workplace.

A naturally-gifted, professionally-trained and engaging speaker, Lois was elected president of her Dale Carnegie Public Speaking class in 1984, was a member of Toastmasters during the late ‘90s, and attended “Train The Trainer”, a five-day intensive offered by Peak Potentials, Inc. In addition, she attended and was certified at the Transformational Breath Foundation’s 6-day training for trainers in 2005.

Since 2002, Lois has been delivering a variety of health and productivity workshops and seminars, at government agencies, corporations, schools, hospitals and community service organizations, including:

  1. BulletCT Behavioral Health Partnership

  2. BulletVNA Healthcare, Inc.

  3. BulletCT Department of Revenue

  4. BulletYWCA

  5. BulletNorth Central Area Agency on Aging

  6. BulletUniversity of Connecticut

  7. BulletEastern CT State University

  8. BulletHartford Hospital

  9. BulletRiverfront Community Center

  10. BulletCentral CT Women’s Forum

  11. BulletCapital Region Education Council

  12. BulletTransformational Breath Foundation

  13. BulletAnd More...

clients say...

“We enjoyed having you as our guest speaker. Thank you again for such a lively and enjoyable presentation.”

~ Rita Quinn, UConn Waterbury Campus

“Thank you for a wonderfully refreshing program. Such useful information in a fun and dynamic format.”

~ Kathi Liberman, CT Assoc of Resident Service Coordinators in Housing

“That was just what our  staff needed to de-stress, unwind and reconnect with each other.”

~ Nancy Canata, Capitol Region Education Council

“What fun! You really got our stressed-out staff relaxed and laughing.”

~ Zelphia Hunter  CT Behavioral Health Partnership

“I’m once again impressed that you’ve come up with a fresh and relevant way to deliver such a needed and enjoyable presentation to a difficult crowd.”

~ Toni Shea,  VNA Healthcare, Inc.

“The workshop was a wonderful experience!    I’ve had a lot of positive feedback from those who attended. Thank you”

~ Eileen Pelletier,  Hartford Hospital

“I heard many positive responses about your program and techniques from the teachers and staff. I love your whole-school program idea. Let’s talk about it soon.”

~ Linda Crossman,  Former Principal,  RHAM Middle School


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Happy, Healthy Employees = Healthy Bottom Line